Please Send Eve to School

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Why did I build this site and what's it all about?

So as you know, it's 2009 and we're in the middle of a recession. I'm also an art student, but due to financial constraints, we're not eligible for any more loans, and in short, we can't afford to finish school. I've come to terms with this, but although Eve is willing to take some time off of school to save up, I don't want her too. Thus, after trying to earn money the conventional way (lookout part-time retail job, here I come!) looking at various unconventional methods of raising money, I've decided to take it this route.

Eve has worked tirelessly to allow us both to follow our dreams to art school, and I just want to do what I can to pay her back. Every day I wish I had the money to just magically send her to art school, but the reality is that I'm broke and saddle with debt and am in no position to be the financial supporter that I want to be for her.

I firmly believe that with enough dedication, creativity, and perseverance, one can make anything happen. And I want to be able to allow the woman I love to finish her art degree. Eve is hardworking, dedicated, and talented. She had to put off obtaining an art degree for 6 years until the two of us finally enrolled in the Academy a few years ago. Her growth as an artist was cut short (like so many of us) and I don't want to let finances cut her short again.

I am also open to making this money up the "mainstream traditional way" by working a 9-5. Thus, if you can provide a full-time job that pays $20+/hr that you think I would be suitable for, I'd be more than happy to jump aboard. Teaching, graphic design, illustration, non-profits, or anything to do with art would probably qualify as something I'd be awesome at. If you are a potential employer, please find my resume below in pdf format (references will be supplied to all serious employment opportunities).

In the spirit of Josh Freese (google the guy) besides just art, I'm offering many different free gifts/bonuses, at many different price levels. If you spend $25 or more, you'll get extras thrown in on top of what you purchased. To see all the things offered in the store, as well as the bonus gifts, please check out the store here!

Rick Kitagawa's Awesome Resume (pdf)