Please Send Eve to School

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So seriously, I need your help.

My name is Rick Kitagawa and I am asking for your money to help send my fiancee' to her last year of classes at the Academy of Art University here in San Francisco. Her name is Eve Skylar and she's an amazing person, let alone artist, and I'd like to help enable her dream of becoming a background painter for animated films.

I am not asking for your money for free (although I will gladly accept it), but am trying to put Eve through school by selling our art as well as other neato incentives. She still have one more year left to graduate, but we'd both be pretty happy if we manage to raise enough money to send her for one more semester. So please check out what we have to offer at our store section (aka "The Goods") and make your purchase today. No matter how big or small, all help is appreciated.

Please feel free to read more about why I'm doing this at "The Story" or more about Eve at, well, "Eve."

Thank you for visiting and for your support!